RoboTip automated sports betting tips for sportsbooks

Create betting action for your sportsbook customers with live and prematch betting tips 24/7

RoboTip offers easy-install automated sports betting tips to help your sportsbook customers and your revenues.

RoboTip is an advanced football betting engine based on learnings from about 200,000 matches. It runs smoothly on your sports betting site as part of your brand.

RoboTip is a widget with a no hassle installation on top of your sports betting platform.
It’s extremely easy to get started and we do all the work, integrating the widget with your brand.

Using rule-based artificial intelligence and key data such as live and pre-match odds, league statistics, team stats such as form, in-detail performance, discipline etc) weather, motivation and odds movement RoboTip makes qualified predictions for 1×2, asian handicap, goals and corner markets. Your users get access to quality betting tips without leaving your site!

Why offer betting tips to your sports betting clients? 
Customer churn is increasing in the betting industry. According to a study of the UK market done by Morgan Stanley, an average of 48% of people with active accounts indicate that they will close them in the next six months. Frustration after a losing run and a feeling of being neglected are common causes.

RoboTip offers added value to your customers by providing quality tips with explanations, higher activity (i.e. recurring visits and bet slip clicks) on your site and the chance to create engaging campaigns for new and existing customers.

Robotip automated sports betting tips

Introduce the world of soccer betting to your customers

There are always a lot of live football matches running, and therefore there is always potential for turnover, but bettors don’t know what to bet on, so they stick to the major leagues. By applying RoboTip we expect our customers to engage in a wider range of leagues, and in doing so bringing more value and revenue from a wider scope of leagues.

– Morten Hauge, Head of Sport in Aspire Global, speaking to SBC News

ACS Gloria Popesti Leordeni from Romania, Eden Hazard in the English Premier League or Kerala Blasters from the Indian Super League; RoboTip has them all. By using RoboTip on your sports betting site the world of football betting opens up to your customers. Highlight both live and pre match betting on all the leagues and teams your odds platform can offer, even the ones buried deep in your site navigation.

Regardless of time or day, there’s always activity on RoboTip. With an average of more than 12,000 betting predictions every month there’s always a reason to log on to your sports betting site. Technology today is geared towards 24/7 easy access on-demand entertainment. That’s what YouTube, Spotify and Netflix, among others, can offer. So can you through RoboTip, providing round-the-clock content and sports betting opportunities for your customers.

Want to highlight certain bet opportunities such as a boosted multiple, a big televised match or a tournament where the whole world is watching? There’s space in RoboTip for you to gain added traction on your campaigns, both on your owned media and through dynamic banners used in paid promotion.

Why choose Netbots Norway as rocket fuel to your sports betting site?
We are a small and flexible team who are extremely dedicated to creating value in sports betting, both for players and operators. Our strength is helping bookmakers increase their customer satisfaction and revenues through easily installed widgets that seamlessly integrate with your brand. Read more about us.

Robotip automated sports betting tips

10 reasons to run RoboTip on your sports betting site:

  1. Increase customer retention and satisfaction by providing more value for your clients
  2. Strengthen you brand by offering functionality not offered by the competition
  3. Create a higher turnover by making more soccer leagues visibly available
  4. Provide your clients with an opinion on live and prematch betting markets they do not normally follow
  5. Create habits with your users checking in more often to look for action and tips
  6. Help sports betting clients win bets, making them repeat customers
  7. Run campaigns on owned and paid media with betting tips on big and/or live markets
  8. Automate social media posts with betting tip, scores and results from RoboTip
  9. RoboTip is very easily installed and runs seamlessly as a part of your sports betting platform
  10. We support multiple languages with seven currently supported and more added on demand

The widget is extremely easy to stage and integrate to our current partners. As long as we have branded colour guidelines it will be on site within one or two days after requesting the feature. Since it is from a widget it can be place on basically any webpage which makes it a useful tool for acquisition.

– Morten Hauge, Head of Sport in Aspire Global, speaking to SBC News

Robotip automated sports betting tips

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