FreeBattle betting tournament

FreeBattle is the free-to-play version of RoboBattle, allowing everyone to compete for glory, bragging rights and prizes. Neither a bookmaker account nor money is required to participate in this fun, social and engaging sports prediction game!

FreeBattle allows you to run free-to-play sports betting tournaments
 - open to everyone or closed to a bunch of friends, company or group
 - with flexible duration from one sporting event to a full season
 - supporting pre-game and live betting with live text commentary
 - in any language you require

Netbots Norway Betting Services are happy to announce FreeBattle, the free-to-play version of RoboBattle running as a stand-alone game available for everyone! 

This browser game, which runs seamlessly both on a desktop computer, pad and mobile, is perfect for media outlets, iGaming businesses, bookmakers, live sports coverage services and other companies looking to engage crowds of people looking for some added fun and excitement while following live sports. 

It is ideal for the generation of sports fans who always multi-task on their phone or other device while following sports, engaging socially and looking to enhance the viewing experience.

Don't take our word for it - log on to our free online demo version above (using your Facebook or LinkedIn account) and try for yourself! (Or, visit on your computer, pad or phone!)

You order and we deliver!

Our FreeBattle demonstration above currently runs the English Premier League, but your version of FreeBattle is of course 100 percent customisable and can run in any language you require. 

You can set it up to run one league or hundreds of leagues, for two hours during a live game, a four week tournament or a full season. Need a different colour scheme or a branded name for the service? No problem. Other sports than football? Talk to us! We make the service run the way you want it. We could even take the existing engine and make a brand new service just for you, if you have a great idea.

In short; there is so much you can do with FreeBattle and so easy for people to take part and enjoy it. 

Run a public FreeBattle to attract new clients and gain new customers, or run a private competition to VIPs, employees or partners. Compete for prizes and/or for glory, compete against betting bots and/or celebrities. 

FreBattle is packed with fun and interesting features that makes following football a much more rewarding hobby than just placing bets on your own. It truly makes your brand shine.

"The sports gamification invention was created to complement players’ ordinary sports betting and to act as the ‘perfect side dish’. We are especially happy about the player control functionality which is reflecting our strong focus on responsible gaming."

– Morten Hauge, Head of Sport in Aspire Global, speaking to Gambling Insider

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Game Innovation of the Year
- Starlet Awards 2020 awarded to RoboBattle