About Netbots Norway

Netbots Norway are a highly competent and flexible team with extensive experience from IT development, artificial intelligence and automation, customer relationship management and marketing. We offer the commitment and flexibility of working with a dedicated team without any red tape.

Netbots Norway was founded in 2016 with the aim of developing automated software solutions for the sports betting and sports media industries. Automating sports content and processes in sports betting platforms, both front-end and back-end solutions, remain one of our core business areas. 

However, we have gradually seen that our experience in creating artificial language models (since 2018) is of great use to many industries, especially media companies and newspapers. We have longer experience, developing and using artificial intelligence to automate everything from content creation to social games to CRM processes than most, and by combining AI with real-time and historical data we can create some pretty wonderful things.

In a competitive landscape we believe we can offer an edge at a very low cost. 

Our technology (combining AI language modeling with real-time and/or historical data APIs) is perfect for creating content such as weather reports, financial news, e-commerce comparisons, real estate transactions, stocks and commodities, statistics, sports betting articles and other sports content such as match previews and -reports and so on. We can also do content creation from "scratch", i.e. without data.

Our product portfolio also include social games, risk management- and customer segmentation solutions. All automated to increase efficiency and cut costs.

We usually develop easy-to-install plugins fully integrated with your existing platform and your brand, providing an online control panel where you can easily oversee and control every part of the process.

Netbots Norway are not the biggest software company out there, but we are a highly efficient organisation with a friendly attitude and a playful curiosity which means we approach all new projects with speed and passion, creating prototypes for our clients as soon as possible to make thoughts and dreams come true. Our size means that we can offer the high commitment and flexibility of working with a dedicated team without any red tape.

In addition to our product portfolio we are eager to take on any kinds of project within our areas of competence - contact us if you need to make a vision happen.

Our high work ethics and smart solutions comes from working on what we love: Automating processes using artificial intelligence and data.

Websites we run

tipsway.com - the only global football previews site

Thousands of football match previews (in English) every week from all over the world, generated by RoboWriter technology. From the English Premier League to the Algeria Youth League, Tipsway covers everything. Previews include key statistics, team data, match history, league tables, top goal scorers, player lineups, team Twitter accounts and more. 

fotballsentralen.no - Norwegian sports betting previews

Match preview website covering the four top Norwegian football leagues as well as Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga and Ligue 1. Based on RoboWriter technology, partially curated by humans. Similar to Tipsway, only in Norwegian language and covering a fraction of the leagues and teams, but in greater detail.


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