RoboLive live and personalised football commentary

RoboLive allows your sportsbook to offer minute-by-minute reports on all football games with live text commentary, statistics, data visualisation and the best of all: Personalised commentary for your clients!

RoboLive provides the ultimate live score update service as it not only offers live scores and match statistics - it also provides a running text and visual commentary of every game. We support any language!

Let's begin with the feature that separates this text commentary service from other automated commentary services (except for the fact that our commentary is much more detailed and holds a much higher standard):

If your client has placed a bet on a football game through your sportsbook, he/she is offered a personalised live text commentary on that game. The minute-by-minute commentary is like a friend watching the game, cheering when match events makes the bet look good and consoling if the betting slip is in risk of losing.

Our RoboLive football text commentary engine picks up on all kinds of match events, from basics such as weather reports, line-ups, corner kicks, cards and shots on goal to more advanced match events such as pressure from one side, counter attacking and crowd atmosphere.

Automation ensures that you can cover all the football action globally at all times, allowing RoboLive to potentially offer a service that only hundreds of locally present writers could match. Or, to be fair, they could not match it as they would not be able to offer the personalisation that RoboLive offers.

Something for everyone; both your existing and potential customers

Your sportsbook can open the RoboLive text commentary and live scores service for everyone or just your customers.

Running a live score service with detailed text commentary is an attraction in itself and will attract potential clients to your sportsbook services. With lots of football fans visiting your site to follow the latest scores and events, be sure to place adverts and offers to convert them into customers.

For your existing customers you can take the whole experience one step further with personalised commentary, giving the client the impression that the commentator is on his/hers side throughout the match.  This provides a unique betting experience like no other, and one does not need much imagination to begin thinking about all the cross-selling opportunities on a service like this - and even more so: The potential for live betting, as the client is already logged in and has your sportsbook's live odds right in front of him/her, along with the stimulating text commentary and match statistics.

"Manchester United just scored a goal to make it 2-1 and right now you have a winning bet slip. Pray to the betting gods that this will be the match result!"

– RoboLive, sample of personalisation

5 key advantages using RoboLive for your sportsbook

  • Run a free live score service to attract potential new customers
    • And not just a live score service, a state-of-the-art live score service with commentary
    • Use the web traffic to convert new clients

  • Offer something unique and personalised to your existing customers
    • Personalised text commentary to make games and bets more interesting
    • Live betting opportunities
    • Potentially build a whole live center with social features, betting tips, sports betting tournaments, mini-games and so on (the opportunities are endless and we can tell you more!)

  • Live betting and commentary 24/7
    • RoboLive covers all the football action globally and will be available almost 24/7 with multiple matches with text commentary and match statistics.

  • Match data and visualisations
    • Along with the commentary, all visitors can access match statistics and visualisations of data, content known to promote customer activity. We can also provide services such as betting tips and match previews to encourage more betting action.

  • Integrates as part of your brand
    • As with other solutions from Netbots Norway, RoboLive is a software widget that attaches itself seamlessly to your existing sportsbook platform and looks like a part of your brand.
    • We can deliver RoboLive in any language you require!

Ready to hear more about RoboLive? Contact us today for a no strings attached talk and let us show you more!

RoboLive and GDPR

Netbots Norway follow EU privacy laws/GDPR as required by third party data processors. We make a data processing agreement with our customers and do not access any personally identifiable data. All data processing is done through a secure gateway.

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