Netbots Norway develops automated, groundbreaking solutions that combine the best of artificial intelligence with real-time data analysis to automate intelligent content creation and business processes. Read more and grow your business!

> RoboWriter automated content

RoboWriter automates the creation of sports betting content such as match previews and -reports, line-ups, betting tips and emails/messages. It can be combined with RoboSort for unlimited opportunities in personalised content marketing.

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> AI language model & real-time data

Our RoboWriter technology and related innovations can be used for all types of content; using real-time and historical data with an advanced AI language model to create relevant top quality content at a very low cost.

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> RoboLive automated commentary

RoboLive allows your sportsbook to offer minute-by-minute reports on all football games with live text commentary, statistics, data visualisation and the best of all: All of your clients get a 100% personal experience when placing a bet!

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> RoboSort customer segmentation

RoboSort is an automated risk assessment and customer segmentation tool for sportsbooks, providing continuous checks of all clients. Daily reporting removes the need for a costly profiling team working shifts. How does 80% better margins sound?

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> RoboBattle betting tournaments

RoboBattle adds an extra dimension to your sportsbook or sports web site by allowing customers to engage in fun and social betting tournaments with dynamic leaderboards, news feeds, awards, bet sharing and much more!

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> FreeBattle social sports game

FreeBattle is the free-to-play version of RoboBattle, allowing everyone to compete for glory, bragging rights and prizes. Only a basic registration is required to participate in this fun sports prediction game, ideal for sports media, online newspapers and so on!

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> RoboTip real-time betting tips

RoboTip is an advanced bet recommendation engine that runs automatically as part of your sportsbook or sports media site 24 hours a day, providing a constant feed of pre-match and live betting insights proven to generate customer activity.

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> RoboBingo live sports bingo

Watching a sporting event is even more fun and engaging with RoboBingo! With our software you can offer clients and users a full bingo card for the match, making every event in the game (whatever the score!) much more interesting!

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> RoboQuiz automated sports quiz

RoboQuiz allows for super easy creation of quizzes related to sporting events, a popular pastime among existing customers and a good way to acquire new ones. Available in multiple languages and runs 100% automated. 

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Netbots Norway are constantly working on new ways to provide for sportsbook operators and their customers. With a passion for technology and sports we pursue both our own ideas and help realise the dreams of others. 

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Our strength is helping your sports media company or sportsbook increase customer satisfaction and revenues. Our software integrates seamlessly with your existing platform and your brand, allowing you to gain the full benefit of our solutions within days of acquisition. We create value!

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Game Innovation of the Year
- Starlet Awards 2020 awarded to RoboBattle