RoboTip automated sports betting tips

RoboTip is an advanced bet recommendation engine that analyses information and learnings to provide bet suggestions (pre-match and LIVE) 24 hours a day, every day. An excellent service that customers love, running smoothly on your sportsbook as part of your brand. See a live preview below!

RoboTip is a proven way of increasing customer engagement and betting activity. A fully automated real-time betting expert delivering insight directly to your customers.

RoboTip is an advanced football betting engine based on learnings from more than 550,000 matches (and counting!). Human intelligence is combined with the analytical capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) to create a fully automated, self-running betting insight generator finding hundreds (or even thousands!) of betting opportunities every day.

RoboTip uses key data such as live and pre-match odds, league statistics, form, in-detail match performance, discipline, weather, motivation and odds movement to make qualified predictions for multiple betting markets such as 1x2, asian handicap, goal totals, corners and more. 

Want to highlight certain bet opportunities such as a boosted multiple, a big televised match or a tournament where the whole world is watching? There’s space in RoboTip for you to gain added traction on your campaigns, both on your owned media and through dynamic banners used in paid promotion.

We support about 100 languages and can add more on request (if for some reason your language is not supported already).

Why offer betting tips to your sports betting clients?

Customer churn is increasing in the betting industry. According to a study of the UK market, done by Morgan Stanley, an average of 48% of people with active accounts hint that they will close them in the next six months.

Frustration after a losing run and a feeling of being neglected are common among sports betting customers.

Netbots Norway Betting Services are dedicated to provide affordable and automated software add-ons (that integrate seamlessly with your existing sportsbook platform) to increase customer satisfaction, increase customer loyalty, increase revenues and decrease churn.

RoboTip offers added value to your users by providing quality tips with explanations, increasing the activity on your site and opening up the chance to create engaging campaigns for new and existing customers.

"There are always lots of live football matches running with a potential for turnover, but bettors don’t know what to bet on so they stick to the big leagues. By applying RoboTip we expect our customers to engage in a wider range of leagues, and in doing so bringing more value and revenue"

– Morten Hauge, Head of Sport in Aspire Global, speaking to SBC News

5 big reasons to use RoboTip on your sports betting site

  • Increase customer retention and satisfaction by providing more value for your clients

  • Strengthen your brand by offering functionality not offered by the competition

  • Create a higher turnover by making more soccer leagues visibly available

  • Provide your clients with an opinion on live and pre-match betting markets they do not normally follow

  • Create habits with your users to visit your sportsbook more often looking for tips and info

"The widget is extremely easy to stage and integrate to our current partners. As long as we have branded colour guidelines RoboTip will be on site within one or two days after requesting it. Since RoboTip runs from a widget it can be placed on basically any webpage, which makes it a useful tool for acquisition."

– Morten Hauge, Head of Sport in Aspire Global, speaking to SBC News

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