RoboBingo live sports bingo card

Watching a sporting event is even more fun with our RoboBingo software offering a full bingo card for the game, making every action in the game (whatever the score!) interesting!

RoboBingo keeps people watching a sporting event with increased interest even when the outcome is given. You play a game of classic bingo where the numbers are replaced with match events being marked as they happen.

Bingo has been around for more than a hundred years and everyone knows how to play it. In the traditional bingo game you mark numbers on your bingo card as the game host calls them.

In RoboBingo, the bingo card is filled with events from a sporting event, such as (if the event is a football (soccer) match) goals, yellow cards, corner kicks, offsides and free kicks. Whenever something happens that matches a square on your bingo card, the square is marked. Five in a row and the user is a winner - five x five in a row and a megaprize might be in order!

RoboBingo is aimed at sportsbooks, media companies and sports associations looking to offer their users or members something fun and exciting to add to their experience of watching live sports. It can be offered for free alongside advertising or as a bonus offering, or with an entry fee.

If you are running a sportsbook, take note that this is a fun and entertaining method of offering your clients a bonus, and a lot cheaper! 

Every user receives a unique bingo match card which he/she activates before the game begins. Squares can be marked by the user or filled in automatically, and the board is divided into four time-specific sections (as well as one which covers the whole game), meaning that both the match and the bingo card is exciting to follow from start to end.

All settings, design, icons etc can be customised for your needs so that you can adjust the probability of having a winning card, offer multiple reward tiers based on bonus levels and risk, modify the look and feel of the bingo card to match your brand and so on. You are in complete control within five minutes of setting up.

Once settings are applied, both before, during and after sporting events the bingo card is fully automated and runs on its own.

We can also support other sports than football (soccer)!

A new way to enjoy live sports both at the stadium and in the living room

4 key advantages using RoboBingo

  • Attract potential new customers
    • Finally you have something extra to offer your clients that makes you and them special
    • A basic game everyone can played and which adds value to all parts involved in live sports

  • Offer something unique to your existing customers
    • As a bonus offer, with advertising or just as a Christmas or birthday gift
    • Makes people more enthusiastic about your brand

  • Increase the fun of following live sports
    • If your company is involved in sports in any way, increasing the interest in watching live sports will benefit you. RoboBingo adds a new and fun dimension to being a spectator whether the person is in the stands or watching a screen.
    • Stimulates live sports, leading to more live bets

  • Integrates as part of your brand
    • As with other solutions from Netbots Norway, RoboBingo is a software widget that attaches itself seamlessly to your existing sportsbook platform and looks like a part of your brand.
    • We can deliver RoboBingo in any language you require!

Ready to hear more about RoboBingo? Contact us today for a no strings attached talk and let us set up a free demonstration!

RoboBingo and GDPR

Netbots Norway follow EU privacy laws/GDPR as required by third party data processors. We make a data processing agreement with our customers and do not access any personally identifiable data. All data processing is done through a secure gateway.

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