RoboQuiz automated sports quiz engine

RoboQuiz allows for super easy creation of quizzes related to sporting events, a popular pastime among existing customers and a good way to acquire new ones. It is available in almost 100 languages and runs 100% automated as part of your sportsbook platform and brand.

RoboQuiz creates fun and easy sports prediction quizzes, an incentive for your customers to visit your sportsbook more often. It engages users and fuels customer acquisition.

Customer retention is a challenge for sports betting sites, as is the challenge of acquiring new customers at a reasonable cost. What if you could run a free-to-play sports prediction solution that engages existing users while recruiting new ones? And what if you could do it 100% automatically with very little cost? 

Introducing RoboQuiz: A fully automated quiz that takes care of itself and your customers; just set it up and it runs indefinitely without attention.

RoboQuiz can run as a software widget on top of your existing sportsbook software (with your fonts, your colours and your brand) to engage existing users, or you can place dynamic banners at affiliate sites and media partners to fuel customer acquisition. RoboQuiz currently runs in almost 100 languages and we can easily add more on request (although it would be pretty incredible if we don't already have the language you need!).

"What's the point of a little sports quiz anyway?"

Today's betting market is competitive and there are so many sportsbooks looking similar to each other. The operators that will survive and prosper are the ones who treat their customers better than the opposition, whether it's through customer support or just making the whole sports betting experience more fun and special.

Smart companies realise that creating happy and loyal customers makes sense financially as well as strengthening your brand. 

And yes, while we at Netbots Norway Betting Services have more advanced solutions to engage and activate happy customers, even a "small" free-to-play sports quiz can be excellent for increasing user engagement, building customer loyalty and making the users spend more time on your site doing something related to sports betting.

Our high work ethics and smart solutions comes from working on what we love: Finding value in sports betting for both players and operators.

5 big reasons to use RoboQuiz on your sports betting site

  • A great way to show your love for existing users and an even better way to win new customers

  • Allows for customer-created friend leagues for internal competition and social sharing

  • Automated Quiz generation, points calculation, leaderboards, bonus points boosters and more cool features

  • Easily launch the quiz on multiple brands, each with unique branded design

  • Super easy to install on your sports betting site with your design (we can show you a free preview!)

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Game Innovation of the Year
- Starlet Awards 2020 awarded to RoboBattle