RoboBattle social betting tournaments

Increase customer activity and loyalty through
betting competitions on your sportsbook

RoboBattle adds an extra dimension to your sportsbook by allowing clients to engage in social and fun betting tournaments.

Netbots Norway Betting Services are proud to announce RoboBattle, an innovative betting feature that offers social betting tournaments for all major sports.

Sportsbooks can run tournaments of all kinds, ranging from short and fun events covering a single night of matches to longer events such as a World Championship. Compete against other sports bettors, celebrities and even betting bots for prizes, awards and glory!

Players can also create their own personal tournaments and invite friends for fun, excitement and the challenge of placing top on the leaderboard.

RoboBattle is packed with fun features such as dynamic leaderboards, level progression, awards, sharing bets, following successful punters, records, streaks and a live tournament news feed showing real-time updated info covering all activity in the tournament.

The RoboBattle software installs easily on your sportsbook in a day and is GDPR and privacy compliant by protecting player identities. In order to secure a safer player environment, RoboBattle also monitors players’ behaviour and times out participants who suffer significant losses.

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