RoboBattle social betting tournaments

“Game Innovation of the Year 2020” – Starlet iGaming Media Awards

Adds new dimension to sportsbooks by offering betting tournaments for all major sports

Compete against other clients, celebrities and betting bots for prizes and glory

Installs easily on your sportsbook and runs as part of it

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RoboTip betting tipster bot

Tipster bot offering 400+ daily live and pre-match tips for your customers

Hundreds of global leagues and multiple betting markets

Allows clients to quickly get key stats and make informed bets

No-hassle installation plug-in for your sportsbook software

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RoboWriter sports betting content

100% automated match previews, betting tips and marketing copy

Writes it all, including social media posts, emails and web pages

Create personalized 1-to-1 content for your customers

24/7 quality content without waiting for a human to be inspired

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RoboSort customer segmentation

Fully automatic daily customer segmentation and risk profiling

Replaces whole profiling team working shifts

“Repair” platform weakness and protect your sportsbook

Ideal for CRM / marketing and improved customer insight

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RoboQuiz sports quiz automation

Automated sports quiz solution to increase activity and traffic

Questions, points, leaderboards… everything is automated

Easily placed on your betting platform with your design

Helps build the habit of daily visits to your sportsbook

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