RoboSort – automatic customer segmentation

Fully automated risk assessment and customer segmentation solution
for sports betting operators

RoboSort offers a fully automated risk assessment and customer segmentation tool for sports betting sites.

Daily risk profiling of both live and pre-match bets
  • Daily risk profiling and customer segmentation
  • Daily check of all bets / customers
  • Replaces a whole profiling team working shifts
  • “Repairs” weaknesses in sportsbook software platform
  • Ideal for CRM / marketing
  • Easy installation through API
  • Secure data / 100 % privacy

RoboSort dynamic customer segmentation

RoboSort offers both an easy overview and a comprehensive understanding of your customers for risk management, customer care, marketing and reporting purposes.

The RoboSort Risk Score provides a dynamic evaluation of your punters based on different types of behaviours and categorizes them from factors such as risk profile, profitability, staking and skill levels.

With the daily reporting you are miles ahead (with a fraction of the cost!) of a “human” profiling team and are able to very quickly pick up on customer profiles such as high rollers/VIPs, sharps and/or recreational punters. We guarantee that all new clients are checked within a certain time, for example 24 hours.

With our automation, all active clients are continuously checked and (re-)segmented allowing an overview of the customer database not provided by any other solution.

This is how it works:

  • Every day, RoboSort checks users xxx (default: 100) days back and:
    • analyzes bet history data and looks at ALL bets made during the last 24h
    • compares odds data to market data
    • applies a set of scenarios (pre-defined and custom-made) such as bet frequency, stake patterns and selections
    • uses the data to index and rate users, identifying users such as sharps, VIPs or problem gamblers
    • generates various reports and emails them to relevant people/teams

Key advantages:

  • Check customers continuously and more thorough every time
    • Provides a better understanding of all customers, not just “extremes”. Great for CRM!
  • Extremely cost-efficient as profiling is 100% automated
    • One person can control everything” – Aspire Global, using RoboSort for several of their sportsbook brands
  • Both micro-management and big picture reporting
    • Look at individual users or get a broad overview
  • Identify unfair play, sportsbook glitches, unhealthy betting etc.
    • Use RoboSort for early alerts of users exploiting software platform bugs or to identify problem gamblers
  • Customize scenarios and reports based on sportsbook strategy
    • Everything is fully customizable, allowing you to implement your overall sports betting strategies in RoboSort
  • “Repair” weaknesses in sportsbook platforms
    • Few sportsbook platforms are perfect, and we see that many sportsbook managers are frustrated when finding weaknesses in the odds setting process and/or risk management. We provide the perfect solution allowing you to isolate and fix such issuses.

Excellent delivery. None of the competitors are even close.

– Aspire Global
RoboSort offers both an easy overview and a comprehensive understanding of your customers for risk management, customer care, marketing and reporting purposes.

Get the big picture

Fully automated reporting

RoboSort provides fully automated daily reporting to key members of your organisation, whether they work in risk management, customer care, sales, marketing or perform other relevant functions. Customise all reports based on focus area and recipient enabling all the roles in your company to receive only relevant information. Set filters to highlight or downplay certain behaviours, such as excluding “small fish”, show only winning customers, recent activity, first-time users and so on.

Great for marketing

Learn when customers are active and measure the effect of customer acquisition and/or customer retention campaigns. Access learnings on what types of customer your acquire, e.g. whether they are recreational bettors, bonus chasers, arbitragers, whales, sharks or a blend.

Use insights to personalize marketing and offer great customer service. Combine with our RoboWriter automatic content creator to create personalized content for your sports betting clients without hiring human writers!

Immediately spot VIPs

With the daily intelligent reporting, you are immediately able to identify VIPs to ensure the customer service they deserve.

Identify unfair play

Identify customers who sell their accounts, exploit glitches in your sports trading problem, bet on fixed matches, use tricks to increase betting limits or other methods of foul play.

Big picture reporting & due diligence

The RoboSort customer segmentation tool provides an excellent overview of your customer database from a business standpoint, making it ideal for large scale evaluations of the status of your sports betting operation.

Respect national and international laws 

Operators are required to implement anti-money laundering policies and procedures to protect against fraudulent and criminal behaviour. RoboSort makes it easier to spot and report any suspicious transactions.

Responsible gambling

Responsible gambling is both an ethical and legal requirement and RoboSort can be a powerful tool in ensuring that your sportsbook can offer a fair and safe gaming experience that protects players from the consequences of problem gambling. Reports created by RoboSort can help identify customers developing or already having a gambling problem, enabling actions to be taken.

Netbots Norway follow EU privacy laws/GDPR as required by third party data processors. We make a data processing agreement with our customers and do not access any personally identifiable data. All data processing is done through a secure gateway.

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