Create activity on your betting platform with RoboQuiz

Free-to-play sports quizzes for your customers
without any administration

RoboQuiz helps build the habit of daily visits, engages users and fuels customer acquisition

Customer retention is a challenge for sports betting sites with the number of competitors in the market. Acquiring a new customer is (at least) five times more expensive than keeping an existing one. What if you could run a free-to-play sports prediction solution that pays for itself almost immediately through:

  • Easy installation and implementation as a software widget on top of your existing betting platform with your branded design
  • A fully automated quiz that takes care of itself and your customers – just set it up and it runs indefinitely without attention
  • Increased customer satisfaction and higher traffic numbers
  • A helping hand in customer acquisition through customer referrals, friend tournaments and social sharing
  • Dynamic banners with free-to-play quiz functionality to draw in new business
  • We currently support six languages (English, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish; more added on request)
User activity and retention on your betting platform with the Netbots automated quiz

Offering free-to-play sports games is growing increasingly popular as a customer acquisition and retention tool. Smart companies realise that creating happy and loyal customers makes sense financially as well as strengthening your brand. Don’t miss out!

Make your customers love you by providing free sports quizzes

  • Provide customers with a daily reason to log on your betting site
  • Show your commitment to customer experience and user satisfaction
  • Increase customer activity and engagement with your brand
  • Allows for customer-created friend leagues for internal competition and social sharing

Want your customers to spend more time on your betting platform, doing something related to researching and placing bets? A sports quiz based on prediction is excellent for increasing user engagement and building customer loyalty.

User activity and retention on your betting platform with the Netbots automated quiz

Automated from creation to completion

  • RoboQuiz requires no management; if you want it can do everything
  • Automatic generation of engaging prediction quizzes in the big matches in the big leagues
  • Handling of multiple quizzes over time with points totals and leaderboards automatically calculated
  • Award prizes such as bonuses to top players and leagues based on numbers of members and activity
  • RoboQuiz is fully customisable to fit your design needs and creative ideas

RoboQuiz allows for super easy creation of quizzes related to sports events. Our quiz generator can auto-generate quizzes based on your needs, or you can choose to spend two minutes creating your own.

Create activity on your betting platform with Roboquiz

Easy to install, customise and use

  • Super easy to install on your sports betting site with your design (let us show you a free preview!)
  • Easy launch of the quiz on multiple brands, each with unique branded design
  • Features for social media and e-mail sharing
  • Automatic translation to your site languages (currently six languages supported – we’ll add yours!)
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