How to make your users stay longer at your sportsbook

Are you doing enough to keep customers on your sportsbook website? Offering them value, content and experiences instead of just taking their bets? Here’s how and why you should engage your users on your site.

As a sportsbook manager you are in a market with many similar competitors and it can be hard and expensive to acquire loyal customers. It’s difficult to build a strong brand when users only shop around for prices and bonuses; that’s why you need to offer something more. 

If you provide users with reasons to stay longer on your sportsbook website, they will increase their activity, build loyalty, grow a stronger relationship with your brand and recommend your sportsbook to others.

The longer users spend time with you, the better. Your business can’t grow to its full potential if your customers aren’t enjoying the time spent on your site.

How do I make users spend more time at my sportsbook?

We will look at four ways to keep customers engaged and active on your sportsbook:

  1. Ensure good site speed and stability
  2. Expand the sports betting hobby to a more social experience
  3. Create solid long-form content targeted to the user
  4. Offer betting tips, live scores and other content designed to boost activity

#1: Ensure good site speed, structure and stability

A fast loading website is key to success. There’s usually a fair bit of navigation done when logging in to a sportsbook and placing bets, and if the website is slow and the navigation poorly constructed…. well, the users get frustrated, angry and they leave.

Compress images, ensure your web host is up to scratch, use the many speed auditing tools available and run tests from various locations to ensure that your sportsbook is fast both from a computer and for mobile users. We cannot stress how important this is.

Stability is also key. If your sportsbook goes offline at the wrong moment you’ll create irritation that might never heal.

Illustration: Ensure good site speed, structure and stability

#2: Expand the sports betting hobby to a more social experience

Most experts believe that social sports betting will be (and already is) a big thing. With the corona virus forcing people to stay indoors you would be a brave sportsbook manager to ignore the social aspects of online sports betting. 

Engaging users in sports betting tournaments, quizzes, bet sharing, gamification and other social features can result in more activity and free word-of-mouth marketing. It might even lead to new crowds being interested in sports betting as a hobby and as the perfect sidekick activity when watching TV sports. Your sportsbook can always be available through a mobile phone or a laptop to have fun betting with friends and strangers. 

As you can tell from following the links in the paragraphs above;  Netbots Norway Betting Services already provide innovative services within social betting and we are currently working on more solutions to revolutionise the betting experience.

Illustration: Social betting

#3: Create solid long-form content targeted to the user

Many sports bettors enjoy doing research before placing their bets, as that’s what makes this hobby interesting. It’s also clear that just reading sports betting analysis is a powerful trigger to betting activity, as statistics, facts and insights generate the idea of opportunities.

Isn’t it a shame that these people have to do their research on websites other than yours? Websites who tempt them with offers from your competitors… 

It makes a lot more sense to provide sports betting content on your own sportsbook. You can make it public for everyone as part of your odds lists, or offer it more privately. After all, who knows your users better than you, so it makes perfect sense to do clever marketing such as emailing English Premier League previews every week to users who like to bet on the English Premier League.

“But all this requires a lot of expensive writers?”, you say. No. Netbots Norway has automated the writing of sports betting content and can produce thousands of long-form articles, previews, tips, tweets and messages every day.

Oh, and we can also help you with the CRM bit so your users get personalised content. It’s a fantastic offer!

Illustration: Content for sportsbooks is king

#4: Offer betting tips, live scores and other content designed to boost activity

Just make it fun and valuable for the user to be on your sportsbook! Live scores services will make him/her stay while sports events are being played out, increasing the chance of live betting activity and building habit. 

Offering free betting tips before and during sporting events is another way of making users feel valued and special, and even though they might make some profit from your betting recommendations the rewards in having happy, active customers are much bigger for the sportsbook. 

Free-to-play sports prediction quizzes, personalised content, sports betting tournaments…. just do something to make users feel loved. That’s how you build a successful sportsbook and boost past the competition.

Good luck!