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In by Lars Dybwad

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We create value in sports betting

Netbots Norway Betting Services are looking for people who have a keen interest in artificial intelligence, machine learning and analysing huge amounts of data (in our case, sports data) as well as the technological ability to execute projects related to these areas.

By “keen interest” we mean an established passion for these methods and technologies which you have acted upon by actively seeking knowledge and gaining experience.

By “technological ability” we mean that you are comfortable with the skills necessary (to use and automate AI, machine learning, data mining etc) and understand you have some talent in them, we are not looking for an expert. We can provide an environment within the industry of sports and sports betting in which you can grow your passion and ability while creating a career in an exciting (and profitable) company.

We’re a small company located in Norway with a fighting spirit to out-perform the bigger ones. Unfortunately we can’t offer any relocation packages but if you’re the right person I am sure we can make it work wherever you are.

We can offer:

  • Flexible work hours and -place
  • Offices in Oslo and Kristiansand (both in Norway) if required
  • Few, but very friendly and quite clever colleagues
  • Startup spirit (but not working 24/7 for no money)
  • Competitive salary and benefits

We hope you have:

  • An interest in predicting the future based on data
  • A great personality and a sense of humour
  • A talent, and some ability, in the skill set required and a deep willingness to learn more

Sounds like fun?

E-mail us your resumé (or provide a LinkedIn URL) and a short application at

About Netbots Norway Betting Services

Netbots Norway was founded in 2016 with the purpose of developing automated software and content for sports betting, iGaming and media companies. We have a split focus:

  • using AI and automation to save money on business critical tasks
  • increase customer satisfaction, -loyalty and revenues for our clients

You can read more about us on