Eight ways to ensure happy and loyal sports betting customers

Consumers love to be appreciated and currently very few players in the sports betting industry do much to show that appreciation. Be better and grow rich!

The sports betting industry could be identified as a monopolistic competition; a market structure in which many companies sell products that are similar but not identical to the same group of customers. 

Similar looking websites, similar bonus arrangements, similar odds on the same sporting events are just a few of the factors that make this true. The sports betting industry is a monopolistic competition, largely competing for the same customers.

In such a market anyone willing to offer added value and a better experience for customers can win!

Here are eight ways to ensure happy, active, valuable and loyal customers:

#1: Evaluate your customer experience

The best place to start is by analyzing your customer experience and identifying what works and what does not. It’s amazing how many sportsbook sites that load slow, are filled with typos and have confusing site designs. Look for the low-hanging fruit.

#2: Understand your customer base

Your clients are not just sharks or whales, they have interests, needs and desires and if you can help fulfil some of them they will love you forever. At Netbots Norway we understand you probably have some sort of CRM system running, as well as risk management. Still; consider our automated customer segmentation tool RoboSort, customized for sports betting sites and with numerous options to both manage risk and provide clients with a better experience. Your player database will always be 100% profiled.

#3: Show clients you care

Free casino spins and bonus offers are not the only way to communicate with clients. If you have a lot of customers interested in betting on a sport such as football (soccer), why not help them enjoy it more by sending them free match previews every week? Provide some value and the chance of them placing a bet at your sportsbook increase. For example, use a tool such as our fully automatic writing team RoboWriter to create custom previews of any football event without any human resources.

#4: Help players win

WHAT? Help my clients win my money? No WAY!

Well; yes way. Unless you want a very short relationship with your punters they should have some good moments betting. Provide content such as in #3 to make them have more fun betting or provide betting tips with a fully automated betting tips widget running 24/7 such as RoboTip – proven to increase customer activity.

#5: Provide excellent customer service

Be a problem solver and not a problem creator. Look at what you can do to automate certain processes (such as customer segmentation and risk management through RoboSort, or content creation through RoboWriter) and use the savings to strengthen your customer support. Excellent service is a huge differentiator in a market with many similar companies competing for the same crowd.

#6: Make sports betting more social

Social betting has for some time been identified as an important trend in the global sports betting market, perhaps especially to a younger audience. It’s important to attract the millennial generation through offering rewards as well as experiences that go beyond the traditional “placing a bet”. Innovative betting features such as RoboBattle (recognized as “Game Innovation of the Year in 2020”) can really help attract, engage and activate clients and provide a more social betting experience involving friends, family and even celebrities. 

#7: Don’t forget your most loyal customers

Many companies throw all their marketing dollars at recruiting new business and forget that their loyal customers are the ones actually providing that marketing budget. In the iGaming industry it’s common to throw bonuses and offers at new players while the clients steadily generating income are forgotten. Don’t make the same mistake.

#8: Provide reasons to return often

Repeated visits to your sportsbook site builds habits and loyalty and it’s important to provide punters with a number of reasons to check in often. Checking the odds and looking for matches can be done through a variety of sports sites, so consider features such as:

Quizzes; our RoboQuiz software is a fully automated daily quiz widget that takes care of itself and your customers – just set it up and it runs indefinitely without attention

Free content; many of your sports betting clients will be using lots of sports sites to get information about matches and players – why not provide them with an online magazine, newsmails and messenger content that keeps them on your site? Our RoboWriter can create thousands of pieces of content weekly, and our RoboTip 24/7 automated betting tipster delivers up to 400 betting tips every day, live and pre-match.

Social betting; use RoboBattle to host daily, weekly and even longer sports betting tournaments within all major sportsLike all our solutions RoboBattle installs easily on top of your existing sportsbook platform in no time.

So; how to succeed as a bookmaker?

With so many parties offering more or less the same product to one customer group it is particularly important to stand out in some way. Strong brands are trusted and perceived as being of a higher quality, making advertising campaigns and brand building important. Some of the successful companies in the bookie market have been around for many years and prosper only because of this, not because of any real quality in their offering. 

Being a new or unknown player in a market such as this can be very challenging, but thankfully the sportsbook industry is immature regarding customer service, customer appreciation and building customer loyalty. 

Consumers love to be appreciated and currently very few players in the sports betting industry do much to show that appreciation. 

If you’re looking for a differentiator, give your betting clients a better experience and something extra.

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