Boost sportsbook user satisfaction by using competitions

Boost your sportsbook brand, your market position and your customer retention rates by offering added value such as contests. A great tool both in increasing customer loyalty and recruiting new clients!

How do you position your sportsbook brand in the market? The sports betting industry is huge and customers have so many, and similar-looking, brands to consider. Winning new customers is difficult and expensive. 

Which is why you need to position your sportsbook to stand out from the others; i.e. offer some added value that both helps in gaining new clients as well as maintaining the happiness and activity of your existing ones. 


Reach out to your target audience (existing and potential customers) through competitions!

What are some of the advantages?

A contest marketing strategy is:

  • great for advertising and marketing purposes
  • a strong tactic to gain new customers 
  • a proven way to increase the loyalty and satisfaction of existing clients
  • a great help in building and strengthening your brand in the overall marketplace
  • very useful for increasing overall customer activity on your site
  • an opportunity for learning more about your customers
  • a great way to promote your sportsbook in a positive way that doesn’t tire your audience
  • an opportunity to create more user interaction and word-of-mouth (your audience promotes the brand for you)
  • a low-cost marketing strategy

Try a free-to-play sports prediction tournament

Running a free-to-play game is perfect for customer acquisition and doing a stand-alone game means that the threshold for participating is low. Most people interested in sports and competing have a keen interest to add some fun and excitement before and while following sports on their screens.

Offering a free-to-play sports prediction game is ideal for the generation of sports fans who always multi-task on their phone or other device while following sports, engaging socially and looking to enhance the viewing experience. And above all, it is an ideal and relevant place for your brand to shine. 

Invite VIPs to the game to add some star quality, run a private competition for selected users, employees or partners, or just invite everyone to compete for fun and prizes!

FreeBattle is an ideal software to run such tournaments, a sports prediction game with lots of gamification features, match previews, statistics, live commentary and lots of user interaction – although in a space that guarantees anonymity. Ask us for a free preview or look at our product page.

Make a free quiz and share it on social media

A daily or recurring quiz provides your audience with some basic fun that appeals to everyone. Seeing as you are running a sportsbook, posting questions based on sports events would be appropriate. This could be questions on historical events or the prediction of future events; the latter is something that usually appeals to sports bettors. 

You could even ask questions about your brand or sports betting in general, allowing you to gain insights about your customers. This insight could be used in marketing, customer support and/or to create popular content. 
People love contests and quizzes so be sure to include a social element and promote the quiz on social media. These could easily be your most popular social media posts, offering a potential market reach far beyond the participants of the quiz.

RoboQuiz allows for super easy creation of quizzes (traditional and prediction-based, and polls are also supported) and can be set to run 100% automated as part of your sportsbook platform and brand. It supports multiple languages, allows for friend leagues and has a lot of smart features to fuel both customer acquisition and engagement. RoboQuiz, that is.

Betting tournaments as an integrated part of your sportsbook

You do know that your customers like to place bets on sports, but how can you enhance their experience and offer something very few other bookmakers offer? 

Why not allow them to participate in sports betting tournaments where they can prizes and glory with the bets they were going to place anyway? By doing this you transform the often lonely hobby of being a sports bettor to a more social and involving experience involving other people with the same interest. You could set up an environment for sharing bets, winning trophies and awards, hunting records and lots of fun ranking tables. Run tournaments covering a full league season or as short as one football game!

Luckily we at Netbots Norway have already developed a solution that integrates nicely with your sportsbook software and adds all the functionality mentioned above and more. It’s like getting an all new and more advanced sportsbook – and it creates a haven of opportunities for your marketing team! We call it RoboBattle.

Illustration: Content for sportsbooks is king

User-generated content competition

User-generated content is images, videos and other content created by your customers. When published and shared on social media it could have a huge effect on visibility and brand popularity.

Consider a contest such as “publish an image or video of yourself celebrating after your team won”, or “post an image of you in a crazy place wearing a team jersey’ and have some great prizes for both random contributors and winners. With a clever marketing team you could add to the content and make a powerful and practically free marketing engine!

Use the big events – as well as the small ones

Big events such as a World Cup, the Olympic Games, the Super Bowl or similar mega-occasions where the whole world is watching are obvious candidates both for running theme-based quizzes, free-to-play-competitions and sports betting tournaments. However, a local lower league could be just as involving and interesting; it depends on who’s watching!

You could run contests for a whole event or for a single game, and the target audience could be everything from your own employees to your entire customer database. 

If your sportsbook has a sports team sponsorship, why not create an ongoing competition involving that team and its participation in a league or cup? 

The opportunities are endless to build your brand and your revenues through competitions – you just need to fire that starting pistol and get going!

Netbots Norway Betting Services would be happy to help with both the necessary software and ideas. Contact us (without any obligation) for more information!

Good luck!