About Netbots Norway


Netbots Norway was founded in 2016 with the aim of developing automated software solutions for the sports betting industry. Our core business area is automating sports betting content and processes.

Our strength is helping bookmakers increase their customer satisfaction and revenues through a portfolio of easy-to-install, easy-to-use plugins. Our widgets integrate seamlessly with your sports betting platform and your brand.

Your sports betting platform can get the full value of our software within days of acquisition.

Netbots Norway are a small and flexible team with extensive experience from sports betting, IT development, customer relationship management and marketing. Our size means that we can offer the high commitment and flexibility of working with a dedicated team without any red tape.

In addition to our finished software solutions we are available for software and / or content development projects.

Our high work ethics and smart solutions comes from working on what we love: Finding value in sports betting for both players and operators.

Netbots Norway encourages responsible gaming and fair play.

Websites we run

https://www.tipsway.com – the only global football previews site
Thousands of match previews (in English) every week from all over the world, generated by RoboWriter technology. From the English Premier League to the Algeria Youth League, Tipsway covers everything. Previews include key statistics, team data, match history, league tables, top goal scorers, player lineups, team Twitter accounts and more. Tipsway tipsters provide profitable betting tips.

https://www.fotballsentralen.no – Norwegian sports betting previews
Match preview website covering the four top Norwegian football leagues as well as Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga and Ligue 1. Based on RoboWriter technology, partially curated by humans. Similar to Tipsway, only in Norwegian language and covering a fraction of the leagues and teams, but in greater detail.

Meet the team

CEO and founder Jardar Myklebust
CEO Jardar Myklebust

Jardar Myklebust
CEO and majority owner Jardar Myklebust has a bachelor in IT and has broad experience from odds modelling and odds compiling. Myklebust co-founded one of the first professional betting companies in Norway and is still a professional sports betting investor.

Head developer, co-founder and tech wizard Erik Sivertsen
Head developer Erik Sivertsen

Erik Sivertsen
Head developer, co-founder and tech wizard Erik Sivertsen has a bachelor degree in computer programming. He is the founder of the Norwegian football statistics page fotballsentralen.com and worked four years as a Java Developer in Sportradar AG. Sivertsen is also a goalkeeper on a professional level in Norwegian football.

Håvar Rysstad art director graphic designer netbots norway
Art director Håvar Rysstad

Håvar Rysstad
Art director Håvar Rysstad holds a degree in graphic design and advertising from Norges Kreative Fagskole. Håvar has worked in the advertising industry since 2001 with clients such as Umbro, NEXT Sport, IK Start and Norway Royal Salmon.

Lars Dybwad content and social media manager netbots norway
Content man Lars Dybwad

Lars Dybwad
Content and social media manager Lars Dybwad has a degree in copywriting and has worked within content and marketing in the IT industry for more than 15 years. He was the “sports betting expert” in Dagbladet, the second largest newspaper in Norway, for five years.

Brianna Ashley human resources manager netbots norway
HR manager Brianna Ashley

Brianna Ashley
Human Resources and Social Responsibility manager Brianna Ashley has no formal degrees as she was created entirely by 0s and 1s. Being a bot she performs her duties 24/7 without tiring, much like the software on offer from Netbots Norway. Brianna is a true geek with attitude.