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The 2022 FIFA World Cup: Is your sportsbook ready?

More than 3.5 billion people watched the previous FIFA World Cup, and billions of euros were placed in bets. Are you and your sportsbook ready to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar?

The FIFA World Cup, played every fourth year since 1930 except during World War II, is often referred to as the biggest event in sports. More than 3,5 billion people watched at least some of the 2018 tournament, close to half the world’s population at the time.

The final alone was watched by more than 1.1 billion people, almost 15 times as many as the combined population of the two countries playing in said final; France and Croatia (France won 4-2). 

According to an analysis done by FIFA and its stats provider Sportradar, an estimated 136 billion euros were bet on the tournament worldwide. The report claims that €7.2 billion were bet on the final alone. 

All previous World Cups have been held in June and/or July, but this year is different. It is the first World Cup ever to be played in the Arab world, and due to the host country Qatar’s intense heat, the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be played from 20 November and will last about four weeks.

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Do not wait; start early!

Don’t wait until the (probably overwhelming) opening ceremony begins in Qatar on the 20th of November, start now! The time from now until the World Cup is important as you want to prepare your existing clients for all the fun that will be had at your sportsbook, as well as recruit and reactivate bettors, starting a process to convert them to regular users..

The World Cup does not need to start before you can provide activities related to it, a slow build-up will make your clients understand that your sportsbook is the place to be when the actual fun starts. 

Provide plenty of incentives for old, inactive customers as they are easily reachable and will always be easier and much cheaper to convert than new business.

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Essentials to keep customers engaged and active on your sportsbook:

  1. Site speed, navigation and stability: Ensure that your site loads fast and can handle the traffic increase your marketing efforts will bring. Make sure the sportsbook runs perfectly both on a desktop computer, tablets and mobile phones.

    Ensure that new users get started properly with your sportsbook. A large percentage of punters have some sort of difficulty placing bets and are frustrated by the lack of help offered. Your sportsbook must be easy to navigate and to use.

  2. Think social: While betting can be a private experience for some people, think bigger. Expand the sports betting hobby to a more social experience, encouraging a community (which could be anonymous) to build and people to share bets and experiences.

  3. Content: Most users like free, relevant content such as betting previews, team analysis, match commentary and so on. Offer betting tips! Make sure that your customers find quality World Cup content on your sportsbook, so they don’t run to others. 

Sounds expensive? We can help you automate the content creation with both editorial and user-generated content. Take a look at RoboWriter, for example.

We can also assist you in creating personalized content, providing huge improvements in the relevant key performance indicators.

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What to do during the tournament

We’ll leave the details to you and your marketing people, but there are some practical suggestions (gamification and content) in the paragraphs below. However, in general you want to have a good plan, by the time the tournament starts, to provide personalized and smart marketing, such as;

  • Using nationality actively, as casual sports gamblers from the countries participating in the World Cup will look for bets and offers related to their own country’s matches. Some nationalities will perhaps want to either bet against rivaling or support neighborhood countries.

  • More about hosting sports betting competitions below, but these can be used also in cooperation with nationalities as mentioned above, for example by having contests between sports bettors from two countries who also face each other in the actual World Cup. For example, when England plays Wales on November 29th, English and Welsh bettors on your site could challenge each other in predicting the match, related quizzes and so on.

  • Provide in-game entertainment such as fantasy related activities, mini-games, stats and news feeds, live commentary (which our company could automate for you) and related content to make matches even more interesting and provide betting opportunities
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Host sports betting competitions to boost customer loyalty and activity

Running contests are great for advertising and marketing purposes and provides a relevant link between customer acquisition, strengthening bonds with existing customers as well as promoting both sports and sports betting.

It’s a great help for building your brand in the overall marketplace in a positive way that does not wear out your audience.

Running competitions can also be a low-cost marketing strategy, especially targeted towards the existing customer population with the word of mouth and client acquisition a compelling contest can bring.
Tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup are an excellent opportunity to run relevant contests linked to that tournament, such as match prediction quizzes, sports betting competitions and/or in-game fun.

We are happy to tell you more about our sports prediction tournaments (“Game Innovation of the Year in 2020”) whether you are targeting new clients, existing customers or both.

We can also provide fully automated quizzes and if you are looking for live mini-games to engage customers while the matches are shown on television – give us a shout through our contact form below!

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December 19th 2022

What is this date? It’s only a few days before Christmas, and it’s also the date when the World Cup is over. 

There’s lots of great sporting events to bet on also after the 2022 World Cup, so make sure you give your newly acquired, reactivated and loyal customers more fun, great content and unique experiences!

Netbots Norway can help – we create value in sports betting for both sportsbooks and their customers!